The aim of Uddami is to teach skills that will empower the potential of young women and men from low-income communities in urban Kolkata so they can develop sustainable livelihoods.

Our computer center provides:
  • Practical computer training
  • Computer teacher training
  • Life skills course
  • Spoken English classes
We believe strongly in peer education - all staff are women who have graduated from Uddami and come from the same background as our students.

Uddami Projects & Programs

Basic Computer Skills Course

Teaches basic practical skills for employment including:
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets and database
  • Presentations using PowerPoint
  • Internet and email
  • Webpage using HTML
  • Basic image editing
Uddami teachers

Uddami Teacher Training Course

This course provides teacher training to Uddami graduates who wish to teach. Trainees are taught by current Uddami teachers and practice teaching in our center.

Life Skills Course

Develops skills that help our students accomplish their ambitions and live to their full potential such as making good decisions, setting goals, communicating clearly, solving problems and assertiveness.

Uddami Spoken English Program

Increases English proficiency with a focus on spoken English in relation to the workplace.