All of us at Uddami feel we are very lucky to have such dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers.

2017 & 2018
Marci Radin

Current Office Goddess
Lynda Leigh

"Suzy" (Cheng Chan)
Jan Mohr

Carlos Mayans Gonzales
Brad Jester
Graham Doll

Carlos Mayans Gonzales
Graham Doll

Rochelle Forrester, who helped Prasanta to speak English with a New Zealand accent and took excellent care of Conrad.
Molly Zenobia, who taught more English in two weeks than most can teach in two months

Mich Sherbondy, our deaf intern from Gallaudet University, Washington D.C.
Max Reinhold, who inspired Prasanta to try harder to speak English

Justin, who stepped in to teach Spoken English at just the right time
Patricia Measure, our first volunteer in Calcutta

Office Goddesses
Julia Dunatov
Denise Laws
Katherine Dyer

Spoken English Teachers

Lilian Baliero
Beth Fearson
Barbara Routletge

Skype English Teachers

DD Ganguly
Tanima Bhadra
Ananya Das
Graham Doll
Adria Doll