Uddami - Punam Karna teaching

Uddami Computer Training Center (UCTC)

Our computer center provides free practical computer training.

The aim of Uddami is to teach skills that will empower the potential of youth and women from low-income communities in urban Kolkata so they can develop sustainable livelihoods.

We believe strongly in peer education - all staff are women who have graduated from Uddami and come from the same background as our students.

Uddami Projects & Programs

Uddami teachers

Uddami Teacher Training Course

This course provides teacher training to Uddami graduates who wish to teach. Trainees are taught by current Uddami teachers and practice teaching in our center.
Uddami deaf teacher teaching deaf students

Computer Training for the Deaf

From the beginning we have offered free vocational computer training for deaf or hard of hearing students. We have even had deaf teachers, taught by our volunteer from Spain, Carlos Mayans. This photo is a deaf teacher teaching deaf students.
Uddami Skype virtual volunteer teaches English

Uddami Spoken English Program

Entirely staffed by volunteer teachers our spoken English program includes both on-site teachers as well as virtual teachers over Skype.